Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Michelle Factor

Kudos to Michelle for setting a national nutrition pace for many families taking First Family notes.  She has ousted high fructose corn syrp from the White House table and is breaking  green-lawn ground for a veggie garden with local students in tow.

Good nutrition and health are a national emergency for school age kids.   

According to The Center for Science In the Public Interest website, national nutrition watchodogs, Michelle Obama has banned high fructose corn syrp from the lips of the first family.  Having written an article on HFCS a couple of years ago, I am familiar with the pitfalls of this chemically altered sweetner included in numerous food products.  

This is a First Lady on a mission, dotting the iStudents of the future, crossing fertile ground of obesity and cardio disease, a number one killer.

This will be an interesting watch, the Michelle factor.  Will we see a resurgence of interest in planting food gardens in unexpected locales?  Will food manufacturers opt out of the HFCS demand? 

Personally, I am relieved that a national public figure is setting a personal responsiblility example - - taking charge of your health through personal choices, instead of reliance on quick fix band-aids.

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