Saturday, March 7, 2009


Thank goodness for Facebook and Twitter.  The long stretch of time between publications leaves one in need of a word depository.  

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a fast share.

Week by week, communication changes can be tracked through Twitter - -  a microblog site. You gotta say it in 140 characters or less.  Entries can be as little as what you did or are doing, or as recently witnessed, a place to share (advertise) you blog, articles, photos, videos, or favorite articles read.  

I was very skeptical at first of Twitter, but will have to admit several Twitts later, having this share spectrum spot from mundane to exciting is addictive.

I follow a smorgsbord of Twits - - editors and writers (some from the UK), journalists, friends,   those I wish were friends,  my church (The Orchard), and even Tina Fey. Meet The Press has found Twitter.  One can twit-in questions for David Gregory to pose on Sunday's show. 

The parade of thoughts.  It's a Darwinian evolution of communication.

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Pat Ward (@tapdraw) said...

Good news: Glad you are so excited about Twitter. It is fantastic.

Bad news: The Tina Fey Twitter account is a fake. I was sad to learn it too.