Sunday, April 19, 2009

Enough of Susan Boyle

I've had a gut full of Susan Boyle.  Over the last several days, she's had the center cut of news, including front page coverage of The Times and The Washington Post.  Enough already.

If memory serves correctly, this past week she had a virtual makeover on a CNN newscast giving her a Gidget-like aura with bobbed hair, an eyebrow job and make-up that would leave Bobbi Brown prideful.

She's been filmed in her home, standing in her doorway, sitting in her easy chair, and  Anderson Cooper had her playing the piano, singing "a special performance."

George Stephanopoulos had a brief roundtable press discussion of her today with big league reporters pontificating over it all.

And her singing performance tops the YouTube hit list ousting Tina Fey's rendition of Palin, according to front page Post news.

If I were Boyle, I would be boiling in my skin, more than a little pissed.  What is the media saying?  Homely girls shouldn't have talent?

Are we more surprised when the plain Ethels have talent or when beautiful women have brains?

I've seen her enough.  I get the message.  Talent should come prepackaged in predictable wrapping.  And when it doesn't, it's sticker shock from the inside out.  We're getting something from what society deems as nothing.

I've had enough.

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