Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The 100 Mile Diet

Just in time for the Farmer's Market is the 100 Mile Diet, aka the grassroot movement toward eating local within a 100 miles of your home.

Based on the book, "The 100 Mile Diet:  A Year of Local Eating"  authors Alisa Smith and J.B. Mackinnon spent a year consuming food grown from within a 100 mile radius of thier home.  

The bottom line - - get very familiar and friendly with the seasons and the food offered within.

It is a tempting concept: supporting local farmers, cutting down on the carbon footprint, and eating fresh.

One hundred miles of farming includes wheat, which translates into bread products,  translating into my food palate as carbo withdrawal.

I can definitely live without the extra carbs stuck to my thights, but it would be a painful plight, as my list of Oxonian wheat farmers is a bit short.

A slight modification might be in order here- - The 100 Mile Diet Plus A Few Inches connecting to farmland growing wheat.   

What about bananas and pineapples?  The authors didn't report it was an easy way to live.  

But it is a healtheir way to live.  Fresh produce, careful planning of meals, and stomping out processed foods would do a body quite well. 


Emily said...

I´ve read about this and love the idea of giving it a try, but the sad, honest truth is I´m just not that organized and homegirl needs a biscuit.

cynthia howle said...

Some homegirls need 2 biscuits.