Friday, September 26, 2008

The Day

Today is "the day." The day you hear screams across the Grove that McCain really has decided (finally) to come (political stunt over - - no political sarcasm intended). This day you hear the "he's coming" word spread like a tidal surge throughout the Ole Miss Student Union.

Today Tom Brokaw walks through campus as an everyday Joe. No blue blood journalist here. It's that cool.

Debate day causes show up. In yellow for AIDS, dark blue for college tuition funding, camo for troop support, mustard for Darfur all backstroking the Grove. It's the Fourth of July for causes.

It's fire in the belly. Having an opinion. Having an idea. Having democracy.
The national experiment called democracy at a liberating point. There's little political shame here. No chastising a Democrat. The AIDS folks walk among us.

Out of many, we are one.


Emily said...

I can't wait to hear your follow up thoughts on the debate. I can't believe I missed it. What was I thinking?

happy riding.

Anonymous said...

Cool, the way you see it all.