Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Teachers Have It Easy

With the advent of another school year, the blog has been a bit hungry. Rumor has it that educators have a somewhat easy life with summers off. I can attest the start of school takes up any slack that the summer might conjure. Most of my colleagues spend accumulated unpaid, off-contract hours working to set up classrooms before their first day. One can only imagine a bank teller showing up to set up their carrel during off, unpaid leave.

Teachers become great jugglers, juggling their money for students, patience for just 'one more question,' resources, or time to simply use the bathroom.

Like all professions, there are teachers that are lazy and overpaid. Yet most are not, undeserving of the often negative connotation associated with education. Some educators are intellectuals, professionals with other degrees and side careers donating a chip of a hurried life to a service industry.

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Emily said...

Thank you so much for helping to shush a cruel, evil rumor that resides in more places than the South. If teachers were judged by the hours that they spend preparing rather than the "vacation time" they receive, I wonder how opinions might change.