Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boycott Citgo Gas/Petrol Express

Latest rumor discovered by several arrived via email - - Venezuelan President Chavez owns Citgo, and gas station names are being changed to Petrol Express in an effort to cover El Presidente's ownership. After contextual info, the email continues with dollars spent at Petrol Express are dollars that will be used against Americans in the future.

The bottom line suggestion - - boycott Citgo and Petrol Express gas stations.

I noticed our local Citgo sign has come down, but has not been replaced by another. Given the historical tactics of Chavez, changing filling station names would definitely not be beyond his maneuvers. The fundamental question is, who or what owns Citgo?

According to a recent Knoxville News Sentinel post and other Google search results, Citgo is owned by the Venezuelan government, and thus controlled by Chavez. However, Petrol Express is an independent company free to buy their gas from whomever.

It appears Citgo station signs are coming down due to a nationwide boycott and loss of sales. Independent station owners are switching suppliers opting to buy from other companies minus the negative Chavez connotation.

Given the sticker shock price of gas, we should support companies void of questionable purse strings. The question then morphs to, who owns what?

I found a website that might hold a few answers, Below is their partial list of "companies that finance terrorism by importing oil from the Middle East."

BP (Amoco, AM/PM, ARCO, Standard)
Chevron (Gulf, HydroTexaco, Texaco)
China national Petroleum Co.
ConocoPhillips (Conoco, Jet, Phillips 66, Union 76)
Essar Oil
Murphy Oil Co
Pakistan State Oil

The Terror Free Oil Initiative website states their purpose is to educate and persuade Americans to not purchase gas from companies that finance terrorism through the sale of their oil.

As for me and my house, behold the power of bike.


Peggy said...

I am proud of you. You just might be leaning alittle to the left.
Does the website list companies not supplied with oil from terrorist run organizations?

Emily said...

Nice. Ride on, sister!

chowle said...

Indeed, the website lists companies (they believe through their investigation) that are not associated with known terrorist activity. There are far fewer without ties than those with questionable links. Companies that are currently under their investigative process can also be found at the bottom of the web page. However, I am not sure how terrorist ties are determined.

Anonymous said...

How can you have it both ways? Citgo is Venezuelan oil? Or is Citgo financing terrorism by importing oil from the Middle East. Last I checked Venezuelan wasn't close to the Middle East