Monday, December 7, 2009

Foot Challenged

I've been seriously working with bike cleats for about two months now, and i still cannot get the hang of it. And I mean business. A cycling friend of mine, Walter helped me assemble the cleats on my new Sidi shoes, which are comfy and look great, and for the price they should. But for the life of me, I cannot get my foot to pop out. Walter says he's never seen anything like it, and he's biked for over 20 years.

These Sidi's are some of the most expensive shoes I own, yet they remain the shoes to no where.

I am beginning to think I am foot challenged.

This past Spring I borrowed a pair of cycling shoes, practiced, and didn't have enough sense to not ride them during Oxford lunch hour traffic. I pedaled to the Farmer's Market, had a backpack full of fresh produce and spilled my all in the middle of lunch traffic when my right foot refused to come unclipped. And while the car wash guys across the street were amused, my purple hip was not.

I have tried other types of cleats finally settling on one as Nashbar Bike was tiring of my returns. It's the darnedest thing when you sling your ankle out and absolutely nothing happens. It's like being glued into the bike. I've practiced using the bike trainer for support; Even then there's a lotta slinging going on down there and not much else.

Walter tried my cleats on his shoes and . . . no problem. We have adjusted the cleat tension and taken the cleat apart after my little mishap with a hex wrench; my ankles refuse to move the shoe out.

Why bother? Aside from looking like a bike geek with the old toe clips, cleats increase efficiency on long distance rides and hills. Those 35 mile rides are much easier for the folks with the cleats.

If anyone has suggestions, I am all ears and feet.

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