Monday, May 25, 2009

My Trek, My Goal, My Omentum

Finally. Summer is time away from a harrowing teaching schedule. So with the recent purchase of a Trek racing bike (Yes, I am too excited . . .), I have set a BIG fitness goal for the next 6 weeks - - train for a long distance charity ride. The aim is for the lungs and the butt to endure 30 to 50 mile rides by September.

Several rides in the back of my mind are: The MS 150 for multiple sclerosis, a ride from Jackson to Vicksburg or Memphis to Tunica is an Ouch. (And I need several sponsors for a $300 donation. Anyone?) The HOW101 ride is for (Hope on Wheels) breast cancer, in Leiper's Fork, TN along the Natchez Trace is a wow of scenery.

Cycling is a multi-benefit sport sport. My memory jolts way back to childhood on a bike that wouldn't quit until dark. And the best news - - it's good for my ticker, lungs, and omentum, a.k.a. excess adipose tissue around the midriff that chokes the life out of your internal organs. Here's a bit info from a UK website worthy of consideration for cyclists, wannabes and for those that love them

"Regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equal to that of a person ten years younger. (Source: National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease Foundation, Sharp)
Cycling at least twenty miles a week reduces the risk of heart disease to less than half that for non-cyclists who take no other exercise (Source: British Heart Foundation, Morris)
If one third of all short car journeys were made by bike, national heart disease rates would fall by between 5 and 10 percent (Bikes not Fumes, CTC, 1992). Info from BikeBiz, with thanks.
During rush-hour, a bicycle is about twice as fast as a car - good if you hate traffic jams!"

My favorite fodder for wheel thought from this website: "Bicycles require no road tax, no insurance, no licensing, no breakdown recovery services, and above all no fuel bills . . ."

Now, IF my body will agree and the rain will stop . . . .

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Good Luck with the rain!!