Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's an Online World

Although I've been hesitant to admit it, the world of print media has relocated - - all online. It's an online world. It's the 24-hour super, epicenter Walmart where you can check your email, update your status posting to all those "lost" college/high school band friends that you witnessed march out of their band shoes in the 70's, catch an online date, order Fluffy's flea meds, and blog it all down. While tarrying there, one can also satisfy that craving for the latest bestseller, auction off the kids' textbooks for extra gas cash and read a national news headline from the real deal hoss of a news media.

And just like other cause and effect relationships of Walmart, the little guys get the shaft - - the independent bookseller, the freelance writer, the postmaster, the local vet, and let's don't forget the local newspaper. Mega giant Walmart was a one-stop shopping precursor, just the tip of an iceberg. The Internet makes Walmart look like a used flyswatter.

So while it has taken awhile to admit, I, the free-willed freelancer must eat a bit of buzzard. My future writing will likely not be held in the hand, touched or thumbed through sandwiched in between tactile pages. No, it will likely be housed out in cyberspace, catalogued not by page number, but by URL.

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are social networking systems in full bloom carrying a bounty of info. The Internet is changing the landscape of print much faster than our ability to adsorb.

It's all about change.

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