Monday, October 27, 2008

If You Vote for Obama, You're Anti-Christian

Every now and then I get an email that makes my skin crawl, rattles my cage, and just downright makes me angry.

Bless her heart, a dear friend sent this via email entitled, "A Man Of God Speaks Out on Obama" supposedly written by Huntley Brown, a black Christian concert pianist.

The article making the email routes and perpetuating nonsense rumors begins:
"I can't vote black because I am black; I have to vote Christian because that's who I am. Christian first, black second..."

Further on Brown continues, " In an election there are many issues to consider but when a society gets abortion, same-sex marriage, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning to name a few, wrong economic concerns will soon not matter."

He uses the National Journal citing Obama was the most liberal senator in 2007. From there it digresses to include the procedure of partial birth abortion, to Jeremiah Wright and his "racist church" and concludes by suggesting Obama as God's "judgement".

"God is not schizophrenic. he would not tell one person to vote for Obama and one to vote for McCain. . . I could not see Jesus agreeing with many of Obama's positions . . ." Really?

Now where do I begin with this? To suggest that if someone votes for Obama that he/she is NOT Christian is disgusting and offensive. It reminds me of the backwoods Baptist churches of my youth that tried to scare you into making a profession of faith. News flash - - Democrats are not atheists. Millions of democrats believe in God; they just don't believe in cramming Him down your throat with both fists and a scare tactic.

Personally, I just may vote for Obama. I'm willing to wager my long white robe when reaching the pearlies Gabriel won't slam heaven's door in my face, yelling, "What? Why you voted for Obama! I'm sorry. We erased your name from the Book of Life."

It's the all or nothing predominate Republican voice that I hear loudest. It is the voice of desperation. Who is this Christian Huntley Brown and who is anyone to judge Obama as non-Christian? The last time I looked, judgement was left to God.

The "W" touts of his Christianity. I'm not sure whose voice he's been listening to, but he'll go down in the books as one of the worst presidents in U.S. history.

And the race card - - Am I supposed to buy into the "this is a black man and he's not even voting for his own kind" philosophy? The connotation of that is shoulder deep in racism.

Suggesting that Obama voters also buy stock in abortion and same sex marriage is another heap of ignorance in the dung pile of ludicrous. Dragging the reader through the procedure of partial birth abortion to illicit an emotional distaste for Obama is an act of desperation. To logically conclude that all democrats support this practice when voting for a democratic president is not valid logic and just plain stupid.

Putting voters in nice neat packages labeled 100 percent Democrat and Republican would be convenient, if you could ignore the human element of choice and diversity. America is and continues as a giant experiment of democracy, built on the foundation of diversity. I believe in choice and living the consequences of personal choice. It's between God and myself, not between me and a Republican.

And quite frankly, I'm getting fed-up with several Republicans steam rolling Democrats with pious religious Bible throwing beliefs while packing heat with the other hand. For too long many southern Democrats quietly keep political beliefs to themselves, often tolerating offensive comments and persecution.

Perhaps it's time for peace-loving Democrats to fight back. Here's a thought - - Democrats are not anti-Christian, pro-taxation wealth redistributing welfare loving abortion minded big government gay liberals.

And yes, heaven will be full of both Democrats, Republicans and others. Move over, there's room for us all.

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peace4usplease said...

BRAVO!! Sorry to all the rightwing nuts but America was founded on Freedom of Religion NOT Freedom FROM Religion different than mine! I too am from a 'country baptist church' background where the 2nd coming was used as a threat throughout my teen years. Needless to say, I am no longer affiliated with said church.
The people at the McSame rallies yelling 'terrorist', 'hang him', 'kill him' in reference to Obama-if this is their definition of "Good Christian"...I beg to differ - their behavior reflects "Anti-Christ" to me.