Sunday, May 11, 2008

"McCain is the Only One Who Believes in God."

Long time, no blog. Thanks to my life as an educator meeting demands of NCLB, pitches to larger publications, and a daughter that graduates high school in two weeks, there have been very small snippets of time.

Several of my fourth grade students pried around, quizzing me on who I was pulling for for president. I told them out right as a journalist my political views would remain anonymous. This of course opened a flood gate of info as to who their parents preferred. It wasn't until one very bright, verbal child of Baptist affiliation piped up reporting, "My parents are voting for McCain. He's the only one who believes in God," that my attention piqued.

It is difficult to believe in midst of a media frenzy surrounding Obama and his church history, that educated adults might consider him lacking in any religious affiliation. Obama made strong religious verbal statements as recently as last Sunday on Meet the Press.

Clinton has a long past with the Methodist church. She too has made religious statements about her faith and has been photographed attending church.

I'm not sure this a widespread southern rumor, but let's nip this one in the bud, less our intellectual pride slide a little further down the greased pole of national opinion.

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Emily said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog and posting a comment although I highly doubt my comments are insightful.

I'm out of the political loop it seems as all news here is en Espanol. However, I'm curious. To which larger publications are you pitching?